Canadian Investment Migration

Canada's "Quebec Investment Immigration" was established by the provincial government in 1986. It is designed to attract business people and their families to enter the province, take advantage of the good investment environment provided by the Quebec provincial government, and immigrate their families to live in Quebec. This plan provides passive investment guaranteed by the Quebec provincial government. Therefore, it is risk-free, re-financeable and does not require job creation. It is suitable for those who have a successful career, live in Canada through stable investment, or those who enjoy the living environment in Quebec. Accepting applications is temporarily suspended and is expected to restart in 2023.

Canadian Investment Migration

Basic requirements :

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    18 years or older

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    Achieve a score of 40/89 or higher on the immigration score

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    Have a net worth of CAD2,000,000 or above

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    Managed commercial, industrial or professional experience within the past 5 years

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    Signed a CAD1,200,000 investment agreement with a financial institution licensed in Quebec

Advantages :

1. Risk-free investment, the provincial government will guarantee the investment amount for 5 years

2. No need to participate in management activities after investment

3. You can live and work permanently in Canada

4. You can freely enter and exit Canada

5. The whole family enjoys Canadian benefits

6. Children under the age of 18 can attend public schools for free

7. After meeting the residence requirements, you can apply to become a Canadian citizen and obtain a Canadian passport

Canada Investment Migration FAQ :