Spanish Investment Migration Program

Spain is a country located in southwest Europe, on the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal, and borders France and the Principality of Andorra in the northeast. In addition, Spain is the 14th largest country in the world and the fifth largest in Europe; its GDP is second only to France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. The main economic activities are the automotive industry, medical technology, chemicals, shipbuilding, tourism and textiles.

The Spanish investment immigration visa project was launched in 2013, with an investment amount of 500,000 euros in properties. The application processing speed is fast, and it is suitable for people who want to obtain Spanish residence status and EU passes as quickly as possible. One person can apply, and three generations to migrate together.

Spanish Investment Migration Program

Basic requirements :

  • tabone

    18 years or above

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    Willing to invest in local properties

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    No criminal records


1. The applicant is over 18 years old (spouse and unmarried children under 18 years old can apply together)

2. The approval time is short and the process is simple, requiring only 500,000 euros.

3. No proof of assets/source of funds required

4. No residence/language test requirements

5. No business/executive experience requirement

6. No English requirement

7. No residence requirement

8. One person applies, three generations migrate together

Spain Migration FAQ :