Business Manager Visa

Japan's Business Manager visa program is designed to attract foreigners with business management experience to start or manage enterprises in Japan. Applicants need to prove to the Japanese Immigration Bureau that they have sufficient business experience and financial capabilities, and plan to start a business in Japan. If approved, the applicant will be granted with a business management permit and can reside in Japan. In addition, those who hold a business management visa can also invite their family members to immigrate to Japan together. The business management visa is valid for the first 6 months, and can be extended for 2 years each time, with a maximum stay of 5 years.

Business Manager Visa

Basic requirements :

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    1. 18 years old or above

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    2. Operating a company in Japan, or managing business for a foreign corporation

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    3. No restriction on industry

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    4. Minimum investment amount JPY5,000,000

Advantages :

1. Fast approval time (about 6-9 months)

2. No academic or language requirements

3. Children can enjoy free primary and secondary education (not limited by foreign students quota)

4. Eligible for medical benefits

5. Can choose any city to live in

6. Can apply for permanent residence or citizenship in Japan

Japan Business Manager Visa FAQ :