Japan Highly Skilled Professional Visa

Japan's Highly Skilled Professional Visa immigration program was created to attract people with exceptional professional skills and knowledge from around the world. The program is open to those with professional skills and experience, such as researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, professionals, artists and athletes. Applicants are required to pass a review to demonstrate that they have excellent skills and experience, and that they can contribute to Japan's economy and society. If the visa is obtained, the applicant and his family members can live and work in Japan and enjoy the same treatment as Japanese citizens.

Japan Highly Skilled Professional Visa

Basic requirements :

  • tabone

    1. 18 years old or above

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    2. Engaged in academic research activities, professional skills or business management

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    3. Score 70 or above in Talent points test


* The validity period of the visa is longer than that of the general work visa

* Priority approval, fast application time (about two weeks to one month)

* The spouse does not need to apply for a work visa, and there is no working hours limit

* Under specified conditions, you can live with your parents or helpers

* Can do multiple jobs at the same time

* No Japanese language requirement, but Japanese N1/N2 level, extra points

* Minor children can enjoy free primary and secondary education (not limited by foreign students quota)

* Eligible for medical benefits

* You may apply for permanent residence after living for 1-3 years

Japan Highly Skilled Professional Visa FAQ :