Singapore Family Office (FO)

A family office is a specialized private investment and wealth management entity designed to oversee the daily execution and management of a family's financial and non-financial affairs, with the goal of preserving, growing and passing on wealth to future generations.

Singapore's "family office" provides solutions for "intergenerational wealth transfer" for high-net-worth and wealthy families in a stable environment. For a long time, Singapore has been known for its stable political situation, strict laws, pro-business policies, tax incentives and education that cultivates outstanding talents, which in turn has attracted wealthy families to choose it as a destination for intergenerational asset management. Those who meet the investment standards can also become permanent residents through the fund tax exemption plan (13O and 13U) and the global investor plan.

Basic requirements :

  • 1. The family office is incorporated as a company in Singapore

  • 2. The family will also hold another holding company of an operating fund

  • 3. Hire a professional investment manager

  • 4. Hire a fund manager

  • 5. Meet the specified total asset value requirements

Advantages :

1. Singapore has a sound financial system and no foreign exchange control

2. Singapore has signed more than 90 Double Tax Agreements (DTA) with countries/regions such as China and Indonesia to avoid double taxation.

3. Optimal tax planning: The fund company established by the family office is applicable to the Singapore tax Incentives for funds (13U/13O), and specific investment income does not need to pay 17% corporate income tax.

4. The family office (SFO) must hire an investment specialist, so family members can apply for a local work visa as an investment specialist; further apply for permanent residency

5. Family assets are diversified globally, avoiding assets or investment strategies being affected by different tax systems and political factors

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