Singapore Global Investor Program

The Singapore Global Investor Program (GIP) is jointly managed by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), and has been implemented since 2004. The scheme aims to attract wealthy investors to invest in Singapore and provide them with the opportunity to obtain long-term residency. Successful applicants and their dependents can obtain permanent resident status and enjoy the same welfare as Singapore citizens. In addition, they can also apply for citizenship of Singapore and obtain Singapore citizenship through the naturalization process.

Singapore Global Investor Program

Basic requirements :

  • tabone

    1. 21 years old or above

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    2. Senior entrepreneurs, who have not less than 3 years of entrepreneurial and business experience a

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    3. Founder of a fast-growing company with a valuation of not less than SGD 500 million and one of th

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    4. Next-generation entrepreneurs, immediate family members must hold no less than 30% of the equity

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    5. The person in charge of the family financial office must have no less than 5 years of entrepreneu

Advantages :

* fast track to obtain permanent residence in Singapore

* Investors who hold permanent residency in Singapore can freely enter and exit Singapore without applying for a visa

* No academic or language requirements

* You can choose to live in any area

* Convenient business environment

* Eligible to apply for citizenship in Singapore

Singapore Migration FAQ :