Singapore Student Pass and Accompany Study (Long term Visit Pass LTVP)

Singapore is known as a "high-quality education city". It was once a British colony and has retained the traditional British education system. Its education level or world ranking is no less than that of Europe or the United States, and it is widely recognized internationally. If students want to study locally, they need to apply for a "Student's Pass". Students under the age of 16 can apply for the accompanying visa of one of their mothers or grandmothers. The accompanying visa must have a Singaporean citizen or a person with PR status as a guarantor. After one year of accompanying study, you can apply for a legal work permit.

Singapore Student Pass and Accompany Study (Long term Visit Pass LTVP)

Basic requirements :

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    1. The student visa applicant must have been admitted by a Singapore institution

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    2. Accompany study permit application must be mother/grandmother

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    3. A Singapore citizen/permanent resident guarantee is required (if you need to apply for a Accompan


* The student pass approval time is fast, it only takes about a month

* Mothers/grandmothers can apply for accompanying study permit to accompany locally

* Accompanying visa holders can work in the local area after one year, and apply for a work permit and then apply for a permanent resident status

Singapore Migration FAQ :