Investment Migration

Entrepreneurs who intend to come to/stay in Hong Kong for investment (i.e. come to Hong Kong to start or participate in business) in accordance with the general employment policy can apply for the "Entrepreneur Investment Scheme in Hong Kong." In addition, in the new Budget in 2023, the government will The introduction of the new "Capital Investment Entrant Scheme" is to further enrich the talent pool and attract more new capital to settle in Hong Kong.

Basic requirements :

  • 1. The applicant has a good educational background/technical qualification

  • 2. The applicant has no criminal record or bad immigration record

  • 3. Persons who meet the asset requirements (applicable to the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme)

  • 4. Have a local guarantor (applicable to the Entrepreneur Investment Program in Hong Kong)

  • 5. The applicant has made a significant contribution to the Hong Kong economy


1. No need to operate, establish or partnership in a business in Hong Kong

2. A certified public accountant can be hired to prepare a report to demonstrate compliance with net worth requirements

3. One or more investments can be made, including: Hong Kong listed stocks, Hong Kong dollar bonds, Hong Kong dollar certificates of deposit, Hong Kong dollar subordinated debt issued by authorized institutions and eligible collective investment schemes

4. If the asset market loses money, there is no need to further add in assets

5. The capital appreciation value cannot be drawn, but the cash dividend income and interest income obtained can be retained, and can be converted into permitted investment assets

6. You can bring your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 18 to Hong Kong

Hong Kong Investment Migration FAQ :