Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

The Republic of Turkey, commonly known as Turkey, is a country that spans two continents, Europe and Asia (and is also one of the G20). Due to its unique geographical location, it attracts investment and tourism from people of different nationalities. In order to promote Turkey's economic development and attract foreign investment, Turkey launched the "Citizenship by Investment Program" in 2017 and restructured in 2022. Investors need to purchase a house worth at least US$400,000 to apply for a Turkish passport. This project has no language or academic requirements, no interviews, no immigration supervision, and no residency requirements, but applicants need to hold the properties for at least 3 years. Suitable for those who want to obtain a Turkish passport quickly.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

Basic requirements :

  • tabone

    18 years or above

  • tabtwo

    Willing to purchase property; and hold for at least three years


1. The applicant is over 18 years old (spouse and unmarried children under 18 years old can apply together)

2. Short approval time

3. No proof of assets/source of funds required

4. No residency/language test requirements

5. Children under 18 years old can attend public schools for free

6. Whole family will get a passport within one year without landing.

7. Purchase a local property for US$400,000, which can be sold after 3 years of holding and allow you to travel freely in and out of Turkey

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