Employer of Nominal Service (EOR) in Singapore

Singapore's "Employer of Record Service" solves the legal and administrative issues required for overseas companies to hire employees. The "Employer of Record" is for an overseas company that has not yet established a physical company and acts as a representative in Singapore, including: recruitment, salary payment, taxation and human resources management, etc., to reduce costs and legal restrictions. Overseas companies hire "Employer of Record" as employees' legal employers in Singapore, and bear relevant responsibilities and risks. Employees will be issued an "Employment Pass" (EP) to legally enter, exit and reside in Singapore. And subsequently able to apply for permanent residency under the Professional, Technical Personnel and Skilled Worker Scheme (PTS Scheme).

Employer of Nominal Service (EOR) in Singapore

Basic requirements :

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    1. 18 years old or above

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    2. 在新加坡注册公司

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    3. 最少一名當地董事


* Employers can hire employees locally without setting up a physical company in Singapore

* Fast approval and fast application time (about 4-6 months)

* After the employee is issued EP, the spouse can accompany and the minor children can enjoy free primary and secondary education

* EP holders can apply for permanent residence after living for 2 years at the earliest

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