Country Profile

Canada is a country with vast territory and rich natural landscapes, including mountains, plains, lakes, rivers and oceans. Canada's climate is vast and varied, ranging from polar to temperate climates. Major cities include Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa. These cities all have unique cultures and characteristic attractions, providing a wealth of living and working opportunities. Canada is a multicultural country with immigrants from all over the world. Canadian culture is a blend of European, Asian and Aboriginal elements. Canada's diversity is reflected in its food, art, music and festivals. There are full range of social welfares, such as social welfare funds and welfare for the elderly. In addition, Canada has an Education Fund Savings Plan (RESP). If you need to earn money for your child's college expenses, you only need to deposit 2,500 Canadian dollars into a fixed investment account in the bank every year, and the government will subsidize 500 Canadian dollars every year until the child is 17 years old.

In addition, Canada is famous for its multiculturalism and acceptance of people of different races. The country attaches great importance to immigrants, and the immigration pathways are as follows:

Skilled migration 

Investment migration

Business migration

Family stream

Study visa