Country Profile

Japan is an island country in Asia located in the Pacific Northwest and one of the most populous countries in the world. Japan is a highly modernized country known throughout the world for its advanced technology, culture and economy. Its political system is a constitutional monarchy, in which the emperor is the symbol of the country and actual political power is held by the prime minister and parliament. Japan has a developed economy and is one of the world's largest trading countries. Its main industries include automobiles, electronics, machinery and chemicals. In addition, Japan is known as a safe, clean country with a high quality of life. The country has advanced infrastructure, quality education and healthcare systems, and a rich and diverse cultural and entertainment scene. These factors attract immigrants seeking a better quality of life.

Regarding immigration, Japan has always adopted a relatively strict policy, focusing on recruiting highly skilled talents and professionals in specific fields. It also encourages foreign students to stay and work in Japan after graduation. In addition, Japan also has a number of short-term work and tourist visas, as well as working holiday programs for citizens of certain countries. The pathways are as follows:

Highly skilled Professional Visa

Business Manager Visa