Australia Investment Migration

Australia's "investment migration" refers to the method of investing in Australia or transferring assets to Australia to apply for migration. This application is suitable for those who have certain investment or business experience and intend to transfer investment to Australia, so there are relative requirements for the applicant's assets.

This project welcomes those who have a successful career and hope to enjoy life and improve their quality of life by investing in Australia. Therefore, the application process is simple, with less competition and quick approval. Once invited, the whole family can migrate to Australia.

Australia Investment Migration

Basic requirements :

  • tabone

    18 years or older

  • tabtwo

    Meet the asset requirements for a given subclass

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    To apply for 188B, you need to be 55 years old or below, and get 65 or above in the points test

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    To apply for 188B, you need to have 3 years of business management experience or investment experien

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    Apply for 188C, no age limit, no business background, no points test

Advantages of Investment Migration :

1. Can live, work and study in Australia

2. No English proficiency required

3. No need to pass vocational skills assessment

4. Less competition and shorter approval time

5. Free access to Australia

6. Can enjoy local medical benefits

7. Children under the age of 18 can attend public schools for free

8. After meeting the investment conditions, you can apply for permanent resident status, and then apply to become an Australian citizen and obtain an Australian passport

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Australia Investment Migration FAQ :